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Is your will up to date?

It is extremely important to have a correctly drawn up, valid will. This will needs to be reviewed regularly. Any changes in marital status, guardians, trustees or executors need to be noted and the will must be amended accordingly. Talk to Solid Rock about drawing up your will.

Lifestyle Financial Planning

Lifestyle financial planning with active asset managers involves a money manager or team of money managers making investment decisions on what to include in a portfolio. Managers are then able to maximise the return for investors by buying or selling securities on a fairly regular basis. Solid Rock can help you make the right investment decisions.

Group Schemes

Companies can choose to offer a group scheme to its employees. There are various kinds of group schemes such as a provident fund, a risk fund, a retirement annuity fund etc. Contributions from the employer and employee can also vary. There could be a 100% contribution from the employer, a 100% contribution from the employee or any combination of employee-employer contribution amounts. Solid Rock would love to discuss the options with you and your employees.

Ken Stuart (Bcomm. CFP)

Ken Stuart is a certified financial planner with 20 years experience in the business. He started up Solid Rock Financial Services at the beginning of 2009 and his client base is growing every day. Ken is able to advise on any issue related to your finances and will go out of his way to help in any way.

James Leisegang (B Bus. Sci. CFP)

James is a Certified Financial Planner with 17 years’ experience in the broader financial services industry. He initially worked for the likes of Old Mutual, Nedcor Investment Bank and Nedbank Business Banking, but has since found his niche as an independent financial planner. James joined forces with Solid Rock in 2013, partnering with Ken whilst growing his own client base. James is available to help you with virtually any aspect to your finances.

Jocelyn Pike (Bcomm)

Jocelyn studied a Bcomm degree and has nearly 8 years experience in the Financial Services industry. She joined Solid Rock at the beginning of 2009 and handles the investment and life side of the business.

Renn van Niekerk

Renn joined Solid Rock in June 2016 in the role client liaison and administrative assistant. Renn’s bubbly personality, ability to follow tasks to completion and embracing new challenges, makes her well suited for her new role. Of her major achievements in life, she counts the success of her daughter (currently in London), as the most important. When Renn is not hard at work, she relaxes by indulging in her love of reading, gardening and baking (her toffee is to die for).